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Hello Friends My name is Sumit Ranjan, I always wanted to launch my website; it’s like a dream for me. But have got lots of responsibilities on my shoulders at an early age. Soon after my Graduation, I have to take care of my family to look after, and thus, it becomes essential for me to start earning money by hook or by crook. I tried for a job, and luckily I got it in at Maa Durga Media. I worked for 15 months and learned that everyone kind to you is looking to have something from you. Finally, I got pissed off, and thus I resigned in June 2019. One of my friends told me about content writing work online and also about the freelancing websites. Since I have excellent English skills, I thought to give it a try, and to my fortune, I got projects, and I started doing 2 to 3 articles daily.

[blockquote align= “none” author= “Lao Tzu”]Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. [/blockquote]


After working for some months, I got a question in mind that, why people ask me to write so many contents and what they do with those contents? I researched and found that it’s for marketing purposes. I researched more, and then I came to know that one can make the right amount of money through blogging. Since I love writing, I started my first blog in the year 2014, but I failed as I was unable able to invest enough time on it, and thus, I concentrated back on content writing. But the idea of blogging was there in my mind, and accordingly, I planned to make my content writing team and increase the number of articles so that my earning remains stable and I can also spend time on my blog. This formula worked, and then I started a new blog in July 2016 as Techmozz.com, and thus the journey to blogging has been started. Now, I am working hard so that I can provide valuable information to the needy.

I hope you liked the information I am sharing on Techmozz.com, and I would request you to share the posts on your social networks. You can contact me anytime at rajansumit65@gmail.com.