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How You Can Make Easy Money from Adsense on Youtube?

If you haven’t started making enough money on YouTube, find out how you can make easy money from Adsense on YouTube?

You must have seen many videos on Youtube. You can find any video there from songs to sports, from cars to traveling places, videos with emotions to comedy and much more. You must have noticed one thing that every individual who posts the video on Youtube ask for sharing the video, why? The reason is simple, just to make it viral so that more and more people watch it. But, what the owner of that video will get even if get huge viewers? They will get paid by Youtube. You can use Google AdSense on Youtube to make money from the videos you have submitted. If you have love towards writing then you can go for blogging and make good amount of money from it using Adsense and here is the guide to install WordPress on any hosting.

If you are still thinking that making money from from youtube is good only for part time, then you should read this post once.

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Given below is the complete Guide to make easy money from Adsense on Youtube

First Step

The first and the foremost thing is that making money is never an easy task. In the same way, earning money from Youtube is also not that easy, but when compared with other methods, Adsense on Youtube is the easiest. While making money from Youtube, there are a lot of hurdles that you will face. Making money can be easier only when you have the hobby or interest towards it. So if you have interest towards making videos, you can make easy money from Adsense on Youtube. You must have seen videos of people on Youtube who do many idiotic things to get a good amount of exposure and seriously, this thing worked many times.

The first process is to get your account on Youtube. After this, you need to have a plan on what niche you are going to post videos. Remember, you should choose the niche you have interest into because this will help you in getting various ideas and thus you will be able to get exciting content.

Next thing is that you must enable the monetization process and process the application for Google Adsense.

Enabling monetization is an agreement between you and the Youtube that you agree to their terms and condition and in return, they will pay you and make you the Youtube partner. You will get the complete analytics of each video you publish, and you will be able to upload the videos of 15+ minutes.

Types of ads

There are many types of ads you can choose from. You probably have seen the ads coming at the bottom of the videos and also the ads that come at the start and between of the video with a “Skip Ad” option. There are some other ads as well you can choose the form or else you can let Youtube decide what is best for you.

Choosing the ads to help you in getting the max out of your videos. When it comes to making money, Adsense on Youtube is the most complicated. It’s very difficult to understand the calculation for a beginner, but, roughly it comes to around $750 for 1000 impressions. Here the most difficult thing is the term “Impression.” Many people believe that 1000 impressions mean 1000 watch of the video. But this is totally wrong. “Impression” means the number of people clicks on the advertisement shown. This clearly means when someone skips the ad or use an ad blocker the impression won’t be counted in your impressions. This is the reason why type of ad is important. This makes this business the most challenging.

Generating Easy money from Adsense on Youtube

Now let’s discuss what kind of videos will bring the most income from Adsense on Youtube. The first and the foremost thing is to make videos on the topic you are passionate about. If you are not passionate, better stay away from it, because you won’t be able to make max out of your videos.

The best and recommended the thing is that you should make a proper schedule of posting the videos. It can be per hour, per day, per week, per month anything. But it should properly be scheduled. This thing will help your videos rank well in search engines. Another benefit is that you will be able to make a good amount of audience.

Your videos must be short and crisp. Since no one has time to read or watch a lengthy video, and hence you must focus towards making the video shorter but well explained and to the point. It’s always better to keep your videos under 6 minutes. This will engage more users, and you will also get more amounts of shares.

Maintain the Momentum

The next thing is that you must maintain the momentum. Don’t just paddle the boat once and think that you will reach your destination. Always post the videos periodically and engage the people who comment on the different-different post. Make sure you reply them and also to the people who comment on your video.

You can even get more views by joining the Youtube network which is nothing but a group of videos that are already getting a good amount of views. With this, you will be able to combine the videos along with the ones that are already popular. The methods I have shared here are completely genuine, even Investopedia also recommend the same.

Sometimes these networks may charge you but most of them are free to join, and thus you can take advantage of it.

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