Revcontent Review – Best Content Marketing Platform in 2020

People have been exchanging so many things and information on social media these days; read RevContent review to find out why it is the best content marketing platform in 2020 .

You must also have seen people asking for sharing their content on social media, many are even doing giveaways and do you know the reason behind? It’s just content marketing which will eventually lead to increase in page views and visitors. Sometimes you will come across the websites that unable to meet the high level of popularity. This is the place where content marketing platforms come to light and thus I would say, that Revcontent is one of the best. Here is the complete Revcontent review that will help you know why Revcontent content is the best content marketing platform. If you still think that you can take content marketing lightly, then better go through this post published in “INC”.

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Complete Revcontent Review is Given Below

Why Revcontent?

You must never have heard about Revcontent before but you must have noticed many ads of Revcontent on different-different websites. Given below is the type of content you must have noticed on big blogs. What’s amazing about Revcontent is that they have developed a good and secured partnership with many big blogs and thus when you starts using it, your content gets featured on such blogs and as a result, you get huge about of traffic and you get a good amount of boost in ranking.

You might not be aware but content marketing is the base of every SEO strategy. Just think once and you will agree to this. If you still don’t feel the same just read this detailed post.

Revcontent ads

What is Revcontent?

Since this is Revcontent review I would like to share each and everything about it instead of only goods and bads. To be true, Revcontent is basically a content marketing platform and advertising solution. You can even name them as “Content recommendation platform”. As I said earlier that if you haven’t listened the name of this. You must have seen their advertisements and that’s true, especially when you visit websites like Forbes, Newsweek, etc. They allow Revcontent to show ads on their websites because they trust the content shown by Revcontent.

How does it work?

The working of Revcontent is very simple especially from an internet user perspective. As we know that website owners have a good amount of content and thus in order to monetize it, they need help while marketing. On the other hand brands and businesses also need exposure. So to meet both people’s requirement Revcontent have created a recommendation network that works to fulfill the requirements of both types of people. Given below is the graphical representation of working of Revcontent system.

revcontent working

If you are thinking that Revcontent is just another advertising program, I would say that it’s a big mistake. They are the leader in this field and they come up frequently with new and latest ad placements revolutions, site partnerships, content customizations and marketing etc which benefits everyone who uses this network.

What do I like about Revcontent?

  1. It’s the leader in content marketing and premium ad network industry
  2. They provide high pay to big brands
  3. They have a big network of big brands and even one can monetize apps with the ads.
  4. They offer the best rates in the industry
  5. The publisher has full control over the advertisements displayed.
  6. Transparent and accurate real-time reporting
  7. Awesome support team
  8. Least minimum payouts of just $50
  9. Fully functional widgets and they are 100% customizable.
  10. Fully compatible with Google Adsense
  11. They provide high rates ranging from $3 to $40.
  12. High performing ads than other ad networks

What didn’t I like about Revcontent?

  1. Small and new bloggers cannot join as Revcontent only allows sites with huge traffic
  2. Too many restrictions
  3. No referral program but we may expect it soon as their team is working on it.

Requirements for Publishers

You can read the terms and conditions here

  1. Minimum traffic of 50,000 to 80,000 per month
  2. Language must be English
  3. Content prohibited: – Publishers are not at all allowed to publish the company’s advertisements on the websites or network of blogs. You cannot display pornographic, obscene, adult, defamatory, libelous, abusive and illegal content. Web sites that have content on hacking, malware, hatred, violence, sale of guns, illegal drugs, discrimination are also prohibited.

Advertisers and offers

  1. Types of advertising: – Native Ads, sponsored and widgetized ads
  2. Offers: – CPM, CPC

Ads implementation

Revcontent have developed awesome tools and advertising system that will help the publishers as well as advertisers. They offer responsive widgets, gallery implementations, and infinite scrolls along with heavy customizations of their API so that to monetize the content and advertisements. You just have to create a site widget from the dashboard and copy and paste the JavaScript code that is generated to your blog or website. All the widgets you get are highly and easily customizable. You can even use these widgets on the mobile platforms.

You can use Revcontent along with Adsense

If you already have AdSense on your blog or website, you don’t have to remove it as Revcontent works like a charm along with Adsense too without violating the terms and conditions of AdSense. Though, we know that one can make Money from Adsense on youtube, but what about the people who have mobile apps to monetize? They can use Revcontent.

Use it to Monetize Mobile Apps

Yes, that’s true. Unlike many other monetization platforms, Revcontent can be used to monetize mobile advertisements too. Since they have highly responsive ad widgets, one can easily create and use on their mobile apps. I hope you understood why Revcontent is the best content marketing tool.

revcontent mobile

Revcontent control panel and reporting

The control panel of Revcontent seems a bit overwhelming but soon you will get used to and easily figure out how to work on it. The control panel is straightforward and very easy to understand. You can create the widgets from the dashboard itself and start customizing it.

The reporting of each site is updated in real time and after logging on to your account you can see each and every stat. You can even see the best performing domain that is generating revenue. The dashboard will also show up the impressions, CTR, CPC, RPM, Clicks and revenue. All these features make Revcontent the best content marketing platform.

Revcontent Payment

  1. Payment modes: – PayPal
  2. Payment terms: – monthly
  3. Minimum payment threshold:- $50

Final Words

If you have a website that is generating 50,000+ visitors per month, you must use Revcontent as it will boost up the value of your website and improve the revenue generation too. Since it doesn’t cause any issues with Google Adsense, you can use both networks and generate double income from your blog or website.

  1. i would love to use this network once i reach the required blog traffic…great review sourabh…thanks for sharing…!!

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