Top 3 Free Alternative to Keyword Planner for Bloggers

Keyword planning is very difficult, especially when you are new to the world of blogging; find out about top 3 free alternative to Keyword Planner for bloggers!

We all know that Keyword research plays a vital role in SEO. We can’t plan anything if don’t have a good keyword research tool. The number of searches helps us evaluating the keywords and its value. I know that no one wants to work on the keywords that have no or very fewer searches. This is why the website owners and bloggers must use good keyword planner. For a beginner, it becomes very important to understand the keywords he wants to target because the On-page SEO completely depends on upon it, not only on page SEO, but off-page SEO too is completely dependent on keyword research. Building high-quality backlinks are not that easy, you have to take care of many things, but the results are really awesome. If you are planning to make money from Youtube, even then keyword planner is really important.

alternative to keyword planner

Google recently updated keyword planner tool, so now, it doesn’t show up exact or near to exact amount of searches. I was using keyword planner since a long time, and I use to recommend that to everyone, but soon after Google update, I stopped using.  The reason being is that it stopped showing the exact number of searches for the keyword.

So what’s next?

I did some browsing and tried some alternative to keyword planner. Guess What? I found some that are even better than keyword planner. This alternative to keyword planner not only shows a number of searches but they also show the competition of the keyword and CPC of that keyword. Do you know the best part of this? They are free to use but, you can use them for free for just two or three times. No worries, you can use VPN to use the tool for free. Some of these tools also show the SERP analysis for that particular keyword. So, whatever is your purpose to use these keyword research tools, you can fetch every information.

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Given below are the alternative to keyword planner that you can use

1-  KWfinder: –

This is one of the tools that is made only for keyword research and thus its one of the best. You just have to enter the keyword, select language, and location. That’s it; you are done. It will show you the number of searches for that keyword, CPC, PPC and the difficulty level from 1 to 100, 100 being the hardest. I gave it a try and frankly speaking, this is one of the best tools I have ever seen. The calculation of KWfinder is exact and will give you the best results.


2- –

You must have heard about it before. Moz is a big name in the field of SEO. They have their tools that one can use for SEO purposes. I have gone through their keyword research tool, and it is just perfect for website owners and bloggers. When you search for any keyword, you can easily see the volume, difficulty level, opportunity, and potential of that keyword. These stats will help you out in choosing the best one for you, and thus you will be able to set up an effective SEO for the posts and website.

moz keyword research tool

3- –

This is the third keyword research tool that I would recommend you to use. This too is one of the best alternatives to keyword planner. The reason is simple its way good. To use it, you have to enter your keyword, language, and location and click on search. You will get the report. In the reports, you can see the length of the keyword, competition, CPC, volume and the best thing is the trend. The trend is the column that will show you the trend for that keyword whether it’s increasing or decreasing which will help you take action as per your plans.

keywordhub research tool

These are some of the best alternatives to keyword planner that you can use. Though all are free, but you will get certain chances to check the keywords for free, if you like any, you can go for the paid version of those.

I hope you like the tools I have mentioned above, Kindly share.

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