Speed up wordpress Easily Speed up wordpress Easily

Top Ways to Speed up WordPress Easily in Minutes

We all know that WordPress provide us the best platform in order to make our own blog or website. It has got many features and you don’t have to do any coding in order to make a website on wordpress. These features allow you to do any kind of modification to your website and thus wordpress is heavier than other CMS available. This is the reason why it’s slow when compared to other CMS. So in order to speed up wordpress easily, you must work on some tweaking I have mentioned below.

Speed up wordpress Easily

Before launching your website there are many things you should take care about. If you didn’t, you may end up with a website that is damn slow. The biggest problem you will face is huge bounce rate of your visitors and that clearly means less visitors.

Here in this article I have mentioned all the ways I have read out in order to get good and speedy website.

Importance of Website Speed

The time when a visitor reaches your website, you have just 3 seconds to get his attention. This is the reason why you should optimize your website so that the website loads within 3 seconds. As per a research report, if a website loading speed is delayed by just 2 seconds, there is drop of 3.8% in user experience and thus the revenue will be decreased by 4.3% per user and clicks will be reduced by 4.3%.

If your websites loading speed is slow, you will lose a lot of visitors. Not only this, but Google have also kept the loading speed as parameter for website ranking. This means the faster is your website, the better rank you will get. This clearly means that the speed of the website will affect the speed of your website directly.

So let’s see how we can speed up wordpress.

How to Speed up WordPress Easily

Frankly speaking, all the methods mentioned here are gathered from different resources. I guarantee you that you will get good benefit from the steps.

  1. Go for good Hosting:- Shared hosting is one, that shares all the resources among many websites and thus its really slow and will bring your website down when you get huge visitors. So if you are looking to post the stuffs that is really popular and can get huge traffic, then you must use good and high quality hosting.

Managed wordpress hosting is the one that is blazingly fast and you can easily rely upon. My favorite is Bluehost, as their servers are fast and your website will never face any downtime. You can get Free .com domain with premium quality hosting from bluehost. The best thing about bluehost is their awesome support. They will help you for anything with a smiling face always. You can ping them anytime and they have chat support as well so you don’t have to increase your phone bills making international calls. You must have heard that hostgator is yet another one of the best hosting. You can go through the complete comparison here Bluehost vs Hostgator.

  1. Go for the best framework or theme:- Many doesn’t know but, twenty fifteen which is also known as default WP theme is the one which is quick and speedy. The fact behind is that it’s simple and doesn’t have much of useless features.

But if you don’t want to use it, then the best theme would be Genesis Framework. This is the fastest theme available for wordpress and is good for SEO as well. The solid framework allows you to edit the theme as per your convenience and use it. The simplicity of the theme makes it the fastest and thus, as a result you get blazingly fast theme. This is one of the great technique to speed up your wordpress easily.

  1. Use the best Caching Plugin:- We all know that wordpress has got huge amount of plugins. Most of them are good but some of them fails in some or the other category. The best plugin that I have ever found is WP-rocket. Though, you will get only the paid version of this plugin but, the truth is that this plugin will handle your CDN as well and you don’t have to get any other plugin for CDN. WP-rocket also has the capability to optimize and repair your database which means you don’t need any plugin to manage and optimize your database. with just some clicks you will be able to speed up wordpress easily.

If you are looking for any free plugin then W3 Total Cache would be the best for you.

  1. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network):- CDN is content delivery network that copy your website to their servers located on different locations and thus the people living in location near to the servers get the page loaded instantly. Thus your website opens up quickly. The best and the cheapest CDN i have ever found is KeyCDN because you just have to pay for the bandwidth you have used and they have the cheapest charges. CDN is one that is must for you if you want to speed up wordpress easily.

All the big and famous blogs and websites use this service and thus they enjoy many benefits for this.

Configuring this is really simple and they have reasonable rates too. KeyCDN is one of the best services I have ever seen. you can go for keyCDN review and understand why it is the best.

  1. Optimize Images:- Images are really important in a blog or website and so they needs to be of high in quality but, high quality images consumes huge bandwidth too and consumes huge storage on the server which further results in slowing down the website. Hence, either your should upload compressed and optimized images or you can go for image optimization plugins like Wp Smush

These are the top 5 techniques that you must follow in order to speed up WordPress easily. None of these are core technical and you can easily configure all of these by your own, so go ahead and boost up your blog or website’s speed.

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