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Wix or WordPress – Which is the Best Platform for Blogging?

There’s Wix and there’s WordPress – Wix or WordPress – which is the best platform for blogging? Have this question answered here and choose the best platform for yourself.

Are you looking start your website? That’s great; I highly appreciate your decision. But are you confused while choosing the platform? We know that WordPress is most popular among the bloggers. Wix is yet another popular website builder that you may have heard. Here, I will explain to you which platform you should choose among Wix or WordPress.

wix or wordpress

I hope that you will be able to find the best one after reading this post

This complete post has been divided into five categories Cost, User friendliness, eCommerce support, Flexibility and Design which will help you choose among Wix or WordPress.

• Cost

Website development cost plays a vital role at the time of choosing the platform. The development cost and its maintenance totally depend on upon your needs. So the main aim is to fulfill your needs within the budget.

wix pricing


The basic version of Wix website builder is free. Though, there are two major demerits of it. Firstly, it will add the Wix brand advertisement at the top of the website. Secondly, you won’t be able to use your custom domain; you will have to use the domain name as username.wix.com/website name

The next con of basic version of Wix builder is that you cannot add the necessary plugins like Analytics, eCommerce, etc. To get all these customizations, you will have to purchase the premium plan. Since each plan of Wix has its limit of storage and bandwidth and thus you can choose accordingly.


On the other hand, WordPress is the software which is available free of cost for anyone. You can easily use it to develop your website. The biggest thing here is that you will have to but your domain and hosting. Though, there are several websites that you can use to buy the domain and hosting I would suggest you go for Bluehost  or Dreamhost . With Bluehost link, you will get one free domain for a year and professional hosting at just $3.45 per month.

There are thousands of free plugins available that will help you in developing your websites.


Here as you can see in the comparison of Wix or WordPress, WordPress beats the new Wix as it’s free and won’t eat up much of your money.

• User-friendly

wix website builder

Most of the starters today don’t want to spend much of the time in learning new things. They just want their website to be launched and without any codings and hence one can choose among Wix or WordPress but, let’s see the best one among both.


Wix has super power website, builder. You will get a simple drag and drop option which you can use to design your website.

You can easily drag and drop the items anywhere on the website, and you can even rearrange the things on your pages, content, media, etc. it provides a user-friendly environment.


WordPress also have drag and drop website builders, but by default, it comes with the visual editor which you can use to edit your content and theme. WordPress doesn’t come with drag and drop website builder.

To develop a complete website, the user will have to get used to with the sections like menus, visual post editor customizer, etc. This clearly means that you need to have a bit of knowledge to develop your website on WordPress.


We have seen that Wix is the winner among Wix or WordPress. Users can easily customize the complete website with just some drag and drops. But, in the case of WordPress, the user will have to install the plugins so that he can get the drag and drop builder.

• Layout and Design

The layout and design of your website play a vital role. A good layout will always attract more and more visitors and thus will have more revenue. Choosing among Wix or WordPress would be the best to get the best layout and design.


Wix has a collection of around 500+ themes, and you can choose any from these. All the templates are responsive and are written in HTML5. They also have their built-in tools which will help you develop your website as per your choice, and you can easily rearrange them.

There are layouts or templates for each and every type of website. These templates are categorized into business, hobbies, eCommerce, crafts, arts, personal, etc. The biggest disadvantage is that if you have made a selection, you can never change it. You can customize it but you can’t change the theme.


There are thousands of WordPress themes available. Some are premium, and some are free. Free themes are not just bad quality ones; they also go through the strict process of approval. Premium themes have huge amount features available, and some even have paid plugins.

The WordPress themes are available for almost all types of websites or blogs. If you want some premium themes, then you can easily download some of the best themes from best developers like Studiopress, Themeforest, etc. If you are looking to have 100% custom themes, you can hire a developer or a web designing company.


WordPress has got a wide range of themes available, and you also have the option to change the theme at any point in time. Thus WordPress is the winner here.

• Plugins

Plugins are very important for a website because these plugins allow you to modify or add new features to your website. Wix uses “Apps” as the terminology but on the other hand, WordPress use “Plugins.”


Wix has around 200+ apps that you can use along with your website. You can add many features to your website by adding these apps. Most of the app are available free of cost in the lite plan of Wix. Even since they have lesser number of apps, they have all the most demanding apps that can fulfill the user needs.


There are more than 40000 of free plugins available in the WordPress directory. If you are looking for premium ones, then you can get it from the marketplaces like Studiopress, Themeforest, etc. You can use these plugins and modify your website as the way you like, and you can add features whatever you like. In short, you can do anything with WordPress plugins


Needless to say that WordPress is the winner here as it provides most of the plugins free of cost and thus one can do anything with their website.

• eCommerce

Selling things online is yet another business, and many have big business running over this idea. Let’s see how Wix and WordPress prove themselves here.


If you are looking to start an eCommerce website on WordPress, then let us inform you that eCommerce is a paid feature on wax. You cannot get this feature free of cost on Wix. With the help of Wix store, you can accept payment only via PayPal or authorize.net. There are some apps available that will help you sell things but those are way too costly than their monthly fee.


On WordPress, you have many free plugins that you can use to sell things online. Each plugin has their add on packs which you can add as per your convenience and as per the gateway you are looking for. Most of the eCommerce plugins have their themes and thus you can try getting those as well.


WordPress offers the best and the easiest way to build your store. With Wix, you will have to spend a lot of money.


WordPress offers the best features, and so it is considered as the best platform for the beginners to start their online career. Here is a guide that will help you in installing WordPress to Bluehost or any other hosting.

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