TMDHosting review TMDHosting review

TMDHosting Review 2020 – Does it Fulfill all Your Needs?

No matter how popular web hosting is, there are still so many things that you have absolutely no idea about. Must Read TMDHosting Review of 2020 – does it fulfill all your needs?

I think web hosting is known to everyone and thus I won’t talk about it but, if you are not aware of you can get more info here. In short, web hosting is like the house of your website.

You must have seen many hosting reviews on Techmozz. Since hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website, I share the details which will help you in choosing the right one.

You might not be aware but web hosting is the one that will decide the future of your website and thus it’s very important for you to know each and everything about it.

TMDHosting review

Here I am sharing a complete TMDHosting Review

But, before going through TMDHosting review, here is a small intro

Intro to TMDHosting

By now, you must have got an idea that TMDHosting is another web-hosting provider. They started in the 2007 and since then, they have reached a great height. TMDHosting team understands the requirements of a webmaster and they optimize their services accordingly.

Types of Hosting and Plans

VPS Hosting

TMDHosting VPS Plan

Reseller Hosting

TMDHosting reseller plans

Shared Hosting

TMDHosting shared hosting plans

Dedicated Hosting

TMDHosting dedicated Plans

Cloud Hosting

TMDHosting cloud Plans

Technical Specs of TMDHosting

Today, almost every hosting company is working hard to provide the best to their customers but, TMDhosting is the one that is providing the infrastructure with best and latest possible specifications.

Complete video on how fast TMDHosting servers are. Check it out

So, let’s see what TMDHosting is providing

TMDHosting specifications

  • SSD Drives: – SSD drives are the storage devices that are used by TMDHosting. The best thing about SSD drives is that they are 20X faster than normal drives and thus your website loads at blazingly fast speed.
  • Daily backups: – You never know when things go wrong and so to TMDHosting is providing daily backups for FREE. Most of their competitors are charging for this.
  • Security: – They provide fully managed hosting and thus they take care of each and everything when it comes to security. They use Linux as the operating system on their physical servers which boost up the security a lot. Regular updates and firewalls make them highly secure too.
  • Multi Caching layer: – If you are bit technical you night be aware of that Cache are the most important part that enhances the performance to a huge. TMDHosting is the one that provides the multi layer of caches like OpCache, APC, APCu and OptimumCache for any type of hosting.
  • Support: – They have the best team of support that will understand your query and resolve them properly. Even if you want to migrate your website to TMDHosting, you can ask their support and they will do it for you.

Bonus Features you get with TMDHosting

TMDHosting features

  • Free Domain: – YES, you heard that right. If you buy hosting from TMDHosting, you get a lifetime free domain of your choice. You can even migrate your domain along with the website to avail this offer. You will get the benefit of free domain until you continue to use their hosting service.
  • Free Website Migration: – Many hosting providers charge for this service but, TMDHosting is the one that is providing this for free.
  • Unused month compensation: – Suppose you purchased TMDhosting for a year and for any reason you want to quit using their services. They will refund you the money for the unused period.
  • Zero Downtime: – Downtime is the worst part of any web hosting as you will lose a lot of business is your website remains down but, with TMDHosting, you get 99.99% of uptime guarantee.

Data Center Locations

TMDHosting data centers

Data center locations are important when you want to target people from a specific region. They have got data centers all around the globe. While buying hosting from TMDHosting, you will have the option to choose the data center location as per your wish.

TMDHosting data centers are located in the following regions

  • Chicago, US
  • Phoenix, US
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Singapore, SG
  • Sydney, AU


The performance of web hosting is the most important aspect because of the better the performance, the better ranking you will get in Google Search. Since TMDHosting is providing high-tech specifications for their servers, you can rely your website on them.

The SSD Drives will help in fetching the data 20 times faster and the multi-layer caching will help your website in loading quickly.


When it comes to uptime, you must understand that the more your website remains down, the more business you will lose. With TMD hosting you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% which is consider the best


Cloud hosting is considered as the most reliable hosting because your website data is stored on multiple servers and thus if any physical server goes down, your website will be fetched from the physical server.


TMDHosting is offering everything that a webmaster needs. I would say that you can buy their hosting and have peaceful nights. You don’t have to worry about anything as they are providing fully managed hosting and thus it’s their duty to take care of uptime, performance, reliability and other things. You just have to concentrate on your work.

All the features they are offering are top class and the best part is that you get all the features even in the smallest plan too.

So, go for it without any worries and don’t forget to share.

  1. Awesome review man, you really nailed it. I have seen both fastcomet and TMD are good, can you please tell me which one shall i choose?

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