Write for Us

YES, i am open to guest post but, the content you want to post must have quality in it. Given below are some instructions you must follow.

  1. Post must be at least 800+ words long
  2. Write post in a way as if you are sharing your own experience (Using, I, me, my etc kind of words)
  3. Post must contain proper subheadings
  4. Post must be informative and engaging to the readers
  5. You must share the post on your social media pages, groups, profiles etc (remember, if this is not done, post will be deleted)
  6. Post must be in such a way that after reading, the first word from the reader’s mouth should be “Wow, what an interesting content”.
  7. Make sure that the images used should not have any copyright issues
  8. Needless to say that the content must be 100% unique and with good grammar.
  9. You can add up to 2 authority links (DA 55+) and make sure that they are relevant to the content.
  10. Backlink should redirect to your own blog
  11. Make sure the DA of your blog is at least 20+
  12. Will give backlink to post only

For a sample post, Click Here

PS:- I will go through the complete post by own and if it doesn’t meet the standards, or if find it missing anything, i will reject it. I have the right to remove any URL from the content and modify the content if needed.

What You will Get?

  1. 1 Do-Follow backlink direct to your blog
  2. Good amount of exposure
  3. Boost in ranking

How you can Submit Guest post?

In order to get your post submitted, you will have to send a mail to rajansumit65 (at) gmail.com  (rajansumit65@gmail.com)with the subject “Guest Post”. Make sure that the content file is in .DOC format. add the images too in the attachment.