TFW – Know Everything About it Here

What is TFW? Why do you need TFW? TFW – know everything about it here because it is something that’s going to change your social media life!

As you can see, many new and weird things are getting viral these days over the web. This not only is happening with images or videos but, also to the words and slangs. Social media today have reached each and everyone and thus spreading good or bad things isn’t that difficult.


If we talk about the acronym TFW, many people over the internet are using this. But many on the other hand are still looking for its meaning and searching about what TFW means. TFW is just a slang that has been used by the people over the internet. The acronym TFW stands for “That feels when”, which is usually used by almost every one of us.

People use TFW in order to share their feeling with the other person. it is basically used in a context that is relatable for the other person online so that he or she can understand what you want to say and how you have felt at that moment of time or situation.

For example:-

  1. TFW your mom cooks your favorite dish, but you have just came from a party with a completely filled belly.
  2. TFW you propose a girl and on the same day, your have got your real love back.

The examples given above must have explained you everything.

Usually, TFW is used in the beginning, followed by the sentence where you are explaining your situation. This acronym is almost on an everyday basis with some or the other sentence.

Though, as per Grammar rules, the acronym is absolutely incorrect but, people of all ages today are using it and they are so obsessed with TFW that they are using it even with the sentences that doesn’t have to do anything with TFW.

For example:-

“TFW u be a nice gf and run the bf a bath and u come back to ur skyrim game and ur characters naked and he’s emptied all of ur stuff”

This acronym can be best used with the sentences where you really want to share your feeling that you have faced recently. This Acronym is very similar to the slang “I Know That Feel Bro”. Just by reading it you will get a picture in mind that one guy is hugging the other guy patting at the back and he actually is feeling what the other one is felt.

TFW is the acronym which is used commonly by the people of younger ages who usually doesn’t have to do anything with Grammar, the text speaks, correct spelling and other things. They are the ones who just have to send messages to the other person.

Today, the internet has become a place where you can share anything like image, videos or emojis and you can even expect them to go viral over the internet. all thanks to social media. Today social media is a place that can make someone’s life in just one night. Social media have really made the internet world visual. Same is the case with TFW, a small group of people has started using this, but today almost everyone on the social media is using it.

This acronym is most famous for Twitter and the reason can be because you are bounded by a word limit while making a tweet and so everyone tries to use such acronyms.

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